I have been living, observing and exploring the complex relationships between vibration-energy-mind and body-health-completeness. Many years ago I built my own pyramid, based on the original dimensions and angles. I intended to use it as a place for meditation and contemplation, but didn’t really know what it was going to bring for me spending time in the pyramid.

I hadn’t at all been prepared for the experiences that followed as I witnessed changes in my life in a way that I couldn’t previously imagine. These experiences now form part of my daily life and this new way of being present in the world has become like second nature. This experience of completeness, happiness and health is something for which I am immensely grateful. I’m on sharing this gift with others as much as I can – both personally and in my writings, without the hope or intention of trying to change anyone, but instead showing an alternative, a different way of living.

I’ve worked out a system through the years, which really helps living our lives in complete fullness, which helps us into real happiness, drives us into the deep of Love – – the smooth way of changing.

With Love,


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