Young and Pretty with 528 hz

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I’m always telling, how important it is to take care of our vibration, how simple it is by listening to the frequencies you can find on this site for example, reaching a global health of our soul and body.

You can read about the benefits of raising vibration under the menu ‘Vibration’, but now I would like to point on the fact, that it has a kind of ‘byeffect’: the renewing of your body – muscles, skin, hair, etc. So I recommend you to try and use 528 hz for 28 days (half an hour a day), and see how it effects your face, skin, muscles.

For the last 17 years it has been a seriuos base of my being to use vibration as a tool, and I can tell, I feel marvellous inside-outside of myself. I would like you to discover the magic power and the given possibelities of it, too, maybe now, reading my words, trying to look at yourself, your body, your soul, the connection between them in a kind of different way.

I suggest 28 days, because that’s the given time for cells and skin surface to renew, but of course, as we are getting older this process can slow down little bit, so you can calculate for yourself aproximetly how many days you will do the practice. (do 28 as a minimum, don’t really care about the number of days, once you getting started you will never want to stop it anyway… 

It’s important to find a nice, calm, quiet place and time for practising (ex. before falling asleep), listen to 528 hz (not loud), and feel how all of your cells start dancing, vibrating, spring into existence, becoming vivid, happy.

On the page of frequencies you will find 5-minutes audios, too. (They are empirically worked out by me and, and my stable beliefe is that these simple audios are really effective tools for us.) There you also find 528 hz. It is important that they are ‘only’ 5-minutes, because it helps your consciousness during the process, as you cannot fall asleep, and must start it over and over again for at least a half-an-hour.

It is also suggested to drink a big glass of water before and after.

A little extra benefit:

528 hz is the frequency of Love. So as we are ‘ working’ on our body, skin renewings, our soul is going through a kind of transformation, too… we are getting loved more and more every day by ourselves. Which will, naturally effect positively on the ones in our surroundings… 

And in the end:

I believe that the progression of getting older and older physically – as all the things and happenings in our lives – will be decided in our hearts. And believe, that our souls desire youth for the whole life.

So, let’s play, play as a child, with opened hearts and minds… let’s play Life!


„We don’ stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” (G.B.Shaw)







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