The Vibration of our Environment

“… as inside so outside…” – and of course vice versa. 😊
We may reject it, but will not escape it.

Our internal change has an effect on our surrounders, too, and it is recommended to let the changes flow also onto our living-space. For example, according to the laws of motion, colours, light and orderliness we can use the tools of e.g. feng-shui to generate a change in the vibration of our home, therefore widely opening the door for the New, that may find its way to our deeper zones, too. We don’t have to be a feng-shui expert at all, we can do it easily, by using our feelings and emotions as an inner compass.

Everything is a kind of Vibration.
“We can only make contact with those people, ideas and situations with which we feel a resonance or, as we shal call it in future, an affinity. …” (Thorwald Dethlefsen)

How do we know that the energy that arises within ourselves, serves us?
First of all, we must take our sixth sense seriuosly. Take it for granted. It helps.

Just look around where you are. Now.
Lead your glance from object to object, one by one, from window to flower, from carpet to lamp, from table to candle, etc… and just be aware of the emotions that are rising inside. In case you feel hot at your heart-chakra when looking at something, then you will know it provides the positive energy you need. In case you feel awkward presure in your stomach, you may be sure it is not good for you, weakens your vibration.

Your simple compass to use in your everyday life…

Keep the things that raise your vibration, and get rid of the ones which do not. (Even if they are some kind of memories, put them into a box closed tightly, and hide them somewhere in the basement, if you don’t want to throw them in the garbage collector.)
Very important: your remaing objects must be clear and polished.

Now, when you are done, just sit back in comfort, and accept the New that is arriving into your Life.





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