Riding… Alive

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” (Albert Einstein)

Here is an excerption from a movie. Watch it, feel it:

You are riding a bike. Heavenly countryside, flowers, fields passed by, smoothly winding road. Sun is shining, your face is softly tickled by the mild wind, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing, animals talk to each other, the monotonous sound of the wheels of your bycicle underpaint the scene. Such an idyllic happening! You are riding a bike. Your legs give the rythm by themselves, your body is the balance itself. You sweep, almost fly, becoming one with the earth, sky, with the inside and outside world, too… and you – instead of enjoying it – are thinking hardly about: ‘I should learn how to ride a bike’. 🙂

Oh, yes. One of the most effective limitator of our lives is our mind. We believe that we must do more and more and more – a somersault, a triple stabbed Rittberger, some special effort, like going through a field of barbed-wires… anything what is kind of laborious. Just to do more and more to reach happiness. But. Look around and you will notice that everything is given right here, right now to succeed.

I find that there are many of us reading thousands of books, going through thousands of courses and cannot live. They are stucked. As the enlighted monk who lives a recluse life in his cave with his petrified body. He reached his goal, he has reached enlighment, he has found his treasure, he has found understanding, the Knowledge, and he has stucked in his prison, transformed a living dead.

Because he thought he is complete. Enlightment was his goal. He had a goal. Reached it. And he did not realize that there is more to do. That there is another step to take: to get down from the top of the montain, from the cave. Downwards. To the Earth. Into the world, among people, into noise, swinging, getting in move. Taking with himself all the knowledge, peace, stillness that he has found up there. As Zarathustra in Nietzsche’s work.

For me living means: to perceive my present as a wholeness, and everything it includes (people, situations, circumstances, challenges, the present myself) – so as I am complete. Completeness. Within it… being… observantly, consciously. I am part of the whole. I am a particle. And I do not judge it nor label it, just Love it. That life is for me all the time to help, to lead me right into my happiness. As it is difficult-easy-black-white-tasty-ugly… I never want to change it (it changes, without me, anyway…). I have  the possibility to flow along with Life… so can I live my life in fullness. In every single moment. I can ride the bike… 🙂

Let’s realize that we are able to Live. In a real, true way. Let’s realize that everything we need is given here in our present moment. We have the ability to ride the bike ’till ancient times… now we should just start enjoying our travel…

…just start enjoying the Knowledge.





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